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Download the SMACAR App & Experience Augmented Reality.^
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Steps to create an AR experience^



Manage the AR experiences you create using the SMACAR Studio by grouping the markers you want to augment and classifying them using different types.^



Markers are the images of printed content or physical objects you want to augment and overlay with digital assets.^



Outputs are the digital assets like links, audio, video, 2D/3D graphics and animations that you want to show when a user scans the augmented marker with the SMACAR App.^



Preview the outputs you link and interactions you create. When ready to share it with the world, Publish the AR experience to our cloud based servers.^



Download our SMACAR App and Test the AR experience you just created. Track how many times your AR experience was viewed and from where. (Only if Analytics is enabled)^

SMACAR Studio^

With SMACAR Studio, create your own augmented reality experiences and use them to enhance your business. The Studio comes with a drag and drop interface that lets you to quickly create, test and make your AR campaigns available for your customers and partners. You can add a layer of interactivity to your printed material such as print ads, business cards, posters or books and brings them to life with animations, videos, and 3D models.^

What is a Marker?^

A marker is an image that initiates the AR experience. Upload the marker and augment the widgets over it and share the same across various social media channels. When users scan a marker using an AR app, they can instantly access additional digital content.^

What is a Widget?^

A widget is a digital object that can be placed over a marker which will emerge when scanned using an AR app. Access our library of pre-defined widgets and choose the ones appropriate for your AR campaign.^


Upload an image of a celebrity or an influencer with whom your users can take a selfie with via an AR app.^


Augment the widgets of your choice on a marker and save it as a template. Change the marker image and select the saved template. All the widgets used in the saved template will automatically apply to the new marker.^


Displays videos hosted on your server or from video sharing sites such as YouTube, VK, VIMEO, and DropBox when a marker is scanned.^

3D model^

Captivate your users and customers by bringing things to life with 3D models. The new 3D space for markers allows you to create distinct AR experiences.^

Social Media Links^

Add social media links as widgets to the marker image and direct your users to your social media profiles. You can choose from a library of social media widgets that comprise Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Pinterest, and Dribble.^

Photos / Slideshows^

You can have a gallery of images as the output when a marker is scanned or display photos from the image hosting service - Flickr.^

Poll survey^

Conduct poll surveys to capture answers from your customers. Read the reviews and the response to your polls through the analytics feature.^

Call to Action^

Place CTA links over the marker to direct your customers to your website, entice them with a buy option or enable them to easily reach out to your business through the call, email or via Skype.^

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